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Safety System

What is a ‘Safety System’ and how is one created?

The seven-part video training answers the questions: what is a safety system and how is one created? The video tutorial is designed to help Nazarene Churches better understand the five key components of a system designed to keep children safe from sexual abuse. Viewers will learn the WHY, WHAT and the HOW of an effective Safety System:

  • WHY a safety system is necessary

  • WHAT a safety system includes


Training—the Foundation of a Safety System

Sexual Abuse Awareness Training is the foundation for an effective Safety System. This training provides information regarding the ever-increasing problem of sexual abuse in ministry, the basic characteristics of a sexual abuser, the grooming process by which an abuser picks and prepares a child for abuse, and key risk indicators of child sexual abuse.


Topics in this training include:

      • Definition of sexual abuse

      • Common errors and misconceptions related to sexual abuse and sexual abusers

      • Abuser characteristics

      • Grooming process (grooming children AND gatekeepers)

      • Common grooming behaviors

      • Impact on children—long and short term

      • Reporting responsibilities—to authorities & supervisor

      • What to do if a child reports abuse


The Nazarene Church has partnered with MinistrySafe to create Nazarene Safe™. Online Sexual Abuse Awareness Training is available to members and is the foundation of an effective Safety System.

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