Discipleship Principles

Small groups” are one setting where spiritual growth, transformation, and Christian fellowship can be found. The best Christian small groups provide a safe environment to ask questions, to be held accountable, and to be challenged to live a Christ-centered life.
Our culture often breeds isolation. Electronic technology facilitates communication without face-to-face conversations. Email, text-messaging, instant messaging, and Facebook and other networking sites allow us to talk with others without ever hearing their voices. Some think this is a good method since they can reply as time allows or it fits into their schedules. But that is not how God intended for us to live.
Accountability for spiritual development enhances transformation.
One of John Wesley’s contemporaries expressed regret that his ministry didn’t result in developing believers who were well-grounded and spiritually matured. At the core of Wesley’s methodology for discipleship was four specific questions that were asked of everyone during weekly class meetings. They are:

1. Where are you spiritually?
2. Are you doing or not doing what God asked you to do?
3. What opportunities have you had for service and witnessing? How did you do with them?
4. What temptations have you faced and how did you overcome them?